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Saturday Night on the Circle – Episode 34 – Science is a Liar Sometimes

October 18, 2020

It’s been more than seven months *after* widespread economic lockdowns were implemented across the United States and sent the economy into a freefalling plummet as thousands of people were forced onto unemployment rolls and small business owners were forced to shutter their doors. Those who protested were shamed as 'grandma killers' and 'sociopaths' being chided to 'just follow the science.' Now officials for the World Health Organization are back-peddling from their earlier positions, emphatically stating that economic lockdowns should *NOT* be the primary means of combatting the spread of Covid-19...... Oops. Also this week Indiana's foremost authority on Coronavirus, Dr. Kristina Box, architect of many devastating policies implemented by Eric Holcomb has now herself contracted Covid-19, blaming her infection on her 23-mnth old grandson. This comes as a smack in the face to many Hoosiers who had to forego spending time with their families because of Coronavirus restrictions, sometimes being prevented from seeing family in their finals days on Earth. Also this week President Donald Trump and his opponent Joe Biden held dueling town halls on Thursday in place of the scheduled debate, the contrast between how the events were moderated was quite stark. Ethan Hatcher flies solo this week discussing these important items in news, listen to the full show for more!

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