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Saturday Night on the Circle – Episode 33 – VP Debate Showdown

October 11, 2020

On the whole, the Vice Presidential debate moderated by Susan Page was a much more ordered affair than the debate between Trump and Biden. Senator Harris and Vice President Pence chose to address each other and ignore many of the questions posed from the moderator-- though the moderator’s bias against Pence became clear from the formatting of questions early on, but Pence held his ground. A plot to kidnap and kill Michigan Governor Whitmer was foiled by federal authorities, and now 13 individuals are charged in the scheme. Governor Whitmer quickly blamed the Trump Administration for inciting hate groups but videos from the suspects reveal they were anti-Trump and anti-law enforcement, seemingly having more in common with ANTIFA than Trump's politics. Trump says he won't attend the 2nd debate after the Debate Commission changed the format to virtual without consulting with medical experts or the campaigns themselves. Attorney General Bill Barr is telling sources close to him it is unlikely John Durham will release the results of his investigation into the Russian Collusion sage before the election, potentially robbing Republicans of an October rallying cry. There was a lot covered on this week's episode of Saturday Night on the Circle with Ethan Hatcher and Dr. David Root, tune in and subscribe for more!

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