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Saturday Night on the Circle – Episode 31 – Rainwater for Indiana

September 27, 2020

The race for Indiana Governor is heatnig up and the dirsuption of 2020 have presented the Indiana voter with a unique opportunity to shift the paradigm of local politics by electing a 3rd party candidate to Governor. As Hoosier sour on the lackluster leadership of Eric Holcomb, polling indicates that the race is between Republican Governor Holcomb and Libertarian challenger Donald Rainwater. Rainwater is a common-sense Constitutionalist and a pro-life Libertarian who is also fighting to legalize and decriminalise all frms of cannabis in the state of Indiana. This week Donald Rainwater came into the Saturday Night on the Circle studios at WIBC to explain his qualifications and provide his views on Indiana state Government, it was a very compelling interview. Also on the show this week we discuss the dreaded ruling from the Grand Jury on the Breonna Taylor case, and the pandemonium which quickly ensued after the verdict was delivered. Just a week following the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Donald Trump has made his announcement who is a veteranof Notre Dame as both a graduate and a professor, also a mother of seven, Justice Amy Coney Barett. Now the race for confirmation in the Senate begins as Democrats desperately scrable to disrupt the nomination in an effort to shield the court from a Conservative majority on the bench. An exciting episode of saturday Night on the Circle with Ethan Hatcher and Dr. David Root, listen to the full show and subscribe for the future! 

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