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Saturday Night on the Circle – Episode 29 – Never Forget, Forgotten

September 13, 2020

As the 19th Anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks comes, America seems to be the more divided now than in the last two decades. Has America forgotten the unity experienced on 9/12? Last weekend in Rochester several businesses were targeted by rioters, smashing windows, throwing chairs, and chasing away paying customers-- the restaurants released a statement in support of the protesters chasing away their patrons in a truly baffling display of 'woke' virtue signaling. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler bans the use of tear gas by city police weeks after he was chased away from his own residence as rioters attempted to burn down the occupied multi-story condominium building. Elsewhere a 12 year old in Colorado was suspended for 5 days from school after a teacher reported seeing a toy gun during his virtual class to the principal, which resulted in a call to the police. Donald Trump was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize this week after securing peace deals between Israel and the UAE along with Bahrain, as well as normalizing trade between the Balkan states of Kosovo and Serbia. Dr. David Root is out visiting family for the week, Ethan Hatcher flies solo and discusses the weekly news in this weeks episode! Listen and subscribe!

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