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Saturday Night on the Circle – Episode 26 – Public Street Stick-up

August 9, 2020

This week Ethan Hatcher and Dr. David Root discuss the possible choices for Biden’s running mate as we enter the 90 day stretch until election day in November. Sources close to the campaign believe Senator Kamala Harris, or former National Security Advisor Susan Rice of the Obama Administration. Either choice would present their own unique problems. In Illinois community leaders and a state rep are clamoring for the state to cease its current history curriculum until a suitable alternative replacement is determined, citing a lack of content from women, Black, Latino, Jewish, or LGBTQIA+ groups. In the city of Beirut protesters took to the street following a massive explosion of ammonium nitrate carelessly stored in a warehouse, demanding Government representatives be held accountable for the devastation. Biden finds himself in hot water again for a series of gaffes made in the Biden Bunker during interviews in which his remarks have been categorized as racist, he also continues to show signs of mental decline often stuttering through incoherent answers. In Indianapolis on Thursday Black Lives Matter protesters made their way from Indiana Ave. to Meridian St. where they blocked traffic and pointed a firearm at a motorist, twice giving him chase and blocking his path. No word or response from the Mayor, the police, or the Governor leaving the citizens to fend for themselves against lawless anarchists. Dark times are here, listen to Saturday Night on the Circle for the full rundown!

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